Panagis, Date Unknown

Undated Panagyris Panagis, Piraeus (currently owned by Hank Bradley, Seattle)

Scale Length: 669mm
Nut Width: 28
12th Fret Width: 39
Body Width: 244
Body Length: 380
Body Depth: 164
Original String setup: 8

The mikrasiatis father, Panagyris Panagis (Panagyris was apparently an Asia Minor form for Panagiotis), born in Makri, died before 1940. His workshop was in Piraeus, and he was clearly most known for his laouto, guitar and mandolin making. His sons were called Georgios (1911-1995) and Vassilis (1914-1998) and their heyday was 1950s-1980s. (thanks Tony!).



Pictured here with the 1933 Kopeliadis

Pictured here with the 1933 Kopeliadis

Kopeliadis on the left

Hank says: I was given this one by Sandra Layman, who I think got it from Lark in the Morning some time since 1975. It’s had some modifications in its lifetime (somewhere back in the 80s or 90s Paul Hostetter at my request converted it from a 4-stringer to 3, which explains the very unusual 3-post tuners in the peghead). Paul may also be responsible for a nice new fingerboard and a tension-rod in the neck (I just can’t remember). The label is only partially legible, begrimed with some mysterious substance, but the biggest letters look to be ΠΑΝΝΓΥΡΗ ΠΑΝΑΓΗ. It appears to be another mandola-bodied instrument, having a distinct bevel in the top at the bridge, and the top also has a transverse camber. The sound hole is a wide oval, and the scratch plate fills most of the top between sound hole and bridge.

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