Stathopoulo, 1922

1922 Stathopoulo, New York (currently owned by Pavlos Kakouris, Sacramento)

Scale Length: 648

Nut Width: 29

12th Fret Width: 38

Body Width: 232

Body Length: 367

Body Depth: 152

Original String setup: 8




I had been playing mandolin since I was 5 years old. Bouzouki was rare in the 40’s in the USA. I listened to recordings of the old masters and would try to get the tunes down but I knew the sound was really different. In 1951 I took my first trip to Greece at age 14. That’s when I saw a bouzouki for the first time. I say with great pride that I saw Tsitsanis and Papaioanou playing bouzouki. I fell in love with the culture and of course the bouzouki. At that time it was not socially acceptable to play bouzouki. The connection with the subculture, REBETIKA, hashish dens, and the lower working class in those days and long before, was the reason my mom would not allow me to bring a bouzouki back to the USA. About 1957 bouzouki players began appearing in California. There are sites on the net to find historical info. I looked for a very long time to find a bouzouki locally until one day I stopped to browse at a large junk store in south Los Angeles and there I saw high on a shelf covered in a heavy layer of dust my first bouzouki. Made in New York City in Feb. the House of Stathopoulo. I still have it.


Mr. Kakouris has recently had his instrument restored by Gary Hegedus of San Pablo, California.


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  1. I wish I knew where the other 6948 are!


  2. These should not be only bouzoukis i think …

  3. Yes, mostly likely not…

  4. Dear friend, The data from your site was very useful for me. I have prove in Spartan conference, Stathopoulos never has constructed bouzoukis. He has constructed only mandocellos and tenor mandolas,for use in mandolin quartets. All long neck Stathopoulos’ instruments have inlays at 2,5,7,9,12,14,..frets (with C at 12th fret) or 2,5,7,10,12,14..(with G at 12th fret), and not like bouzoukis, 3,5,7,9,10,12,.. Stathopoulos, under customer claim, have transformed these into bouzoukis, especially the mandocello, (because suitable inlays place), with taking away a string course.
    Moreover,for the same reason, Evangelidis’ instrument isn’t bouzouki, but mandocello, with a inlay at 10o fret added later. And construction and decoration techniques (precious woods, paste inlayed cape rib) were in daily use from mandolins luthiers. I’hope very soon will have a full proof in my site I’m sorry my English aren’t the better.

    Koukourigos Giannis

    Luthier and physic scientist

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